Lagoon Ulitmate Championship

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What an awesome day! Super fun, great to watch and brilliant competitors!

The Lagoon Championship consisted of competitors battling it out in 3 different sports – Windsurfing, Wakeboarding and Stand Up Paddling to earn points in each race to take the overall lagoon title.

The rain was pouring, the wind was howling, yet all was forgotten when the horn went for the first round. Competitors battled it out on a one design upwind/downwind windsurf race, which was pretty challenging considering the gusty southerly wind. Great to watch, some nice tacks and gybes from all competitors. Some of the juniors hadn’t windsurfed much before, so they did brilliantly with that much wind.

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After a five minute break to get everyones breath back it was onto the SUP race, which again was one design technical course around the lagoon. Top speeds were achieved on the opening leg, but it was all about conserving energy for the upwind battle at the end. There were photo finishes as every stroke counted to get first across the line.

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The last challenge was on the cable and was judged by best trick – although air tricks weren’t counted to give everyone a fair chance at being crowned Lagoon Champion.

Great event, looking forward to see who will take the crown next year!

Lagoon Champion – Men
1st: Mark Matthews
2nd: Micheal Watts
3rd: Sam Lorenz & Steffan Eliades

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Lagoon Champion – Junior
1st: Sam York
2nd: Ria Stach
3rd: Toby Rice

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We are still open on the weekends if you want to get out on the water. Lagoon winter opening.

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