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You may have seen the guys slightly off the coast of Brighton, standing on a board with paddle in hand, have you ever wondered what they are doing?

It is called Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) and it is awesome fun!


If you are looking for a Stand Up Paddle Board Lesson in Brighton, try to find an enclosed sheltered area where you don’t have to worry about waves and tides. Lagoon Watersports offer the perfect location where you can be taught by experienced and qualified instructors.

The Learn to Stand Up Paddle Board course is 2 hours long and will cover all the skills you need to know to get you up and paddling in no time. The lesson will familiarise you with the equipment, cover health and safety aspects, how to stand up and paddle techniques. After you are competent, you can hire a board and get Stand up Paddle Boarding.

You don’t have to stop there Lagoon Watersports offer Pro SUP Coaching giving tricks of the trade from top level paddlers to further your skills and keep you learning new aspects of the sport. Stand Up Paddle Board, Brighton is the perfect spot.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is an extremely versatile sport and can offer something for everyone. There are many disciplines you can get involved in once you have mastered the basics.

For the adrenaline junkies some SUP Surfing will go down a treat when the waves appear, or head off on an exciting and exhilarating downwind session which will really challenge your SUP skills.

For those after a challenge get involved in some SUP racing, a fast paced head to head sprint or a long distance race will get you working your competitive side.

The more relaxed option is to head up the river for a tranquil paddle or a relaxing sunset cruise across the coastline.

Fitness guys – you can also get involved. At Lagoon Watersports, SUP Fitness Classes are held every week, so come and get involved in this unique and effective way to work out.

Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons, Brighton will get on a board in no time and enable you to join the exciting world of Stand Up Paddle Boarding!

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