Lagoon Summer Wake Jam

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Lagoon Summer Jam

Saturday 24th August saw the Lagoon Summer Jam take place on a beautiful Saturday afternoon…… wait that’s right, it was chucking it down with rain and the wind even picked up into the afternoon. So not the ideal conditions for a wakeboard comp but that didn’t dampen the decent crowd huddled under the ION tent or the competitors spirits, as Freddie Mercury once said ‘the show must go on’ and so it did.

Pro rider and recently crowned ʻLadies National Cable Championʼ Tor Young (Mystic wetsuits & Hyperlite wakeboard mfg) was down to offer some tips and advice and judge the competition, giving the riders a chance for some last minute practice. With the riders briefing completed it was down to serious business, the juniors were up first. It was great to see so many junior entrants for the comp, up for a challenge and pushing themselves. For many it was their first competition and some have only recently started hitting the obstacles. The standard of riding was high, with everybody giving themselves a good showing, it was tight but from the heats we had to pick a 4 man final. In the final Edi Fiettkau saw what had been done and stepped up a gear to take first, Buddy Redman, Sam York and Fraser Jamie were extremely close, after much deliberation between the judges saw Buddy taking second spot with Sam York rounding out the podium.

The ladies took to the water, again showing a good level of riding, with half the girls throwing inverts off the water. It seemed like the pressure of a first competition got to Kirsty Willet with nothing quite going her way in the heats, with tricks she lands with such consistency normally, first comp nerves out the way hopefully she will be back for more! Chloe Biddle who had only ridden a system 2.0 cable for the first time in the practices session, she kept it simple and managed to come away with third. Lara Pearce and Elin Ferm were clear favorites but again which one was in front was a close call, they would have to push themselves and give it everything. Both girls pulling clean raleys, one of Lara’s not so clean after nearly catching an edge on her cut, stood up settled herself and went again even looking a bit surprised herself that she had landed it. Overall Lara had just edged it again looking surprised when she took to the podium in first.

The men’s division, Mark Teti had come straight from work missing practice, Simon had been convinced to do it only earlier that morning, Dan was doing a spot of filming for us so thought he might as well, it was an open book and anybody’s game, defending champion Mark Teti might not have it all his own way. The runs on tech cable were pure class with big spins and some sweet presses being thrown down, as well as obstacle first hits! As they moved over onto the air cable an order was forming but would the wedge, rooftop and inclusion of water tricks upset that order…? Pete Stubberfield landed a clean raley to finish his run, Paul Nelson attempted a back roll and the rest trying all they could to get to the top, Mark trying too hard with it not coming off for him on the day. When the dust had settled, and the rain was finally easing off, the podium placers were Pete Stubberfield in 3rd, Mark Teti in 2nd and Paul Nelson in 1st taking the win.

A massive thank you to ION, Rhomboids and Lagoon Cafe for supplying prizes, Tor Young for coming down to judge, Dan Yates on the video camera, all the lagoon staff for aiding in a smooth running of the comp, a double shout out to Mason and Mel for driving for the whole practice and competition by the end they looked like they had been in the lagoon with the riders but were still smiling. And of course thanks to everybody who came to watch and support, and all the riders who braved the weather and made a proper competition with a great atmosphere, well done everybody.

Chris Bett – Cable Guy

Check out our Wakeboard Competition page, which gives you all the information about our comps that run throughout the season.

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