Learn to Windsurf in Brighton

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Learning to windsurf is awesome fun and once you’ve started your be hooked!

During a windsurf lesson you will be taught how to get up on the board, how to use the sail, move in a straight line and turn round.

The best place to learn is a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) approved centre, this will ensure you get the right instruction, using the correct equipment so that you progress quickly.

Before heading out onto the water it is best to familiarize yourself with the equipment you are going to be using.

The Board:
There are many different types and styles of windsurf boards available, as a beginner you will be using a large floaty board, which you will be able to balance on. As your skills progress you will move on to smaller boards so you can go out in stronger winds.  Regardless of the type of board you are using the parts of the board remain the same, as seen below:

As a beginner windsurfer there is an added part of the board you will use – a dagger board.  This is lowered to offer higher stability and lateral resistance in light winds. It also assists sailing upwind. As you progress onto smaller boards, you wont use a dagger board.

The Sail:
As well as they’re being many different types of boards there are also many different types of sails to choose from. As a beginner the general rule is – the winder it is the smaller the sail you will need.
A Windsurf sail may often be referred to as a windsurf rig. Below is a complete windsurf rig.

Depending on what the wind strength is and your abilities you sail size will alter. The winder it is, the smaller the sail should be.

The best way to learn to windsurf is join one of our courses; we offer the perfect place to learn to windsurf, with our shallow, safe lagoon, top of the range equipment and excellent instructors! Check out our Learn to Windsurf Course.

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