Meet the Windsurfers

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Meet the Windsurfers – Mike and Suzy


Name: Suzanne Goetz

Age: 34

Name: Michael Watts

Age: 63.5

Meet Suzy and Mike, both long term members of the lagoon, avid windsurfers and BFF after meeting on the water.

“I love being on the water and out in the open sea where I feel removed from everything in my day to day life. Windsurfing is very addictive as there is always something to focus on and learn. I love going out in challenging conditions, it often takes a while to tune into the conditions each time but once tuned in and my sailing is good I feel great. I enjoy going fast, flying across the choppy sea and using the waves to accelerate, its such a good feeling.” and Mike agrees “I windsurf because it is a challenging sport, always another move to learn.” When not windsurfing they can often be found in the club house or chilling outside on the terrace, enjoying an after windsurf beer, Mike says “I like the lagoon for its friendliness, professional outlook and more so the social side. I would say to anyone to join the Lagoon to meet new people, enjoy a variety of sports and learn in a safe environment.” and Suzy concurs “I like the fact that there is always somewhere to go and be active and sociable, its great to have a hobby and something to focus on”

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