Meet the Watersports Instructors – Joe and Sam

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Meet the Watersports Instructors – Joe and Sam


Name: Sam York

Age: 18

Name: Joe Murdoch

Age: 18

With a budding bromance after knowing each other for 4 long years, Joe and Sam have progressed from young gun members into fully qualified watersports instructors, both teaching Stand Up Paddleboarding and Wakeboarding.

Having both been regulars at the Lagoon for over 5 years, it’s clear to see they absolutely love their sports, Sam tells us “I did my bronze course when I was around 12 and caught the bug then. The reason I love wakeboarding is the culture that surrounds it. Everyone in the scene is there to push each other and have a good time whilst doing it. The feeling of landing a new trick and the support from your friends is like no other.” Joe also shares Sam’s passion for Wakeboarding “I wakeboard because it’s such a rewarding sport in the sense that there’s so much for any rider to do and progress onto. On top of that, there’s always a super chilled atmosphere around any wake park that makes you feel really welcome and encouraged”

Passing on their knowledge and passion for their sports is clear to see as well as enjoying the instructor lifestyle, as Sam says “When I was first offered a job at the lagoon I was nervous as to how I would fit in, but Instantly I felt part of the team. Going to work doesn’t feel like as much of a job as it should, just because you are surrounded by your friends. The lagoon is surrounded by like minded people so even on my days off I’ll still come down and have a wakeboard” Joe loves the buzz of teaching new people a new sport “Most customers I teach have the same story; they’ve gone past it time and time again, but never got round to coming in and trying something. But when they leave, 99% love it!”

The Bromance 

“It was only this season when Joe started working at the lagoon that we became proper mates. Me and Joe have a very particular sense of humour that a lot of people probably wouldn’t find funny.” says Sam, Joe is equally as smitten “Much of it is down to similar interests. But as well as that we seem to have a very similar sense of humour which I’m sure everyone at the Lagoon can agree with! We can definitely make a joke out of any situation haha.”

Any final words:

“The people make the lagoon what it is. Its is a great place to meet new people and try out something new which you may fall in love with.” says Sam and Joe agrees, “The Lagoon has an amazing community atmosphere, and if you’re looking for something new to take part in, we’ve definitely got something for anyone.”

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