terms and conditions

Lagoon Watersports Limited Costal Sailing Club Terms and Condition

Conditions of Membership is for a MINIMUM period of 1 year.

The Joining Fee will be added once the monthly payments have started. If using the monthly debit scheme then one month payment plus joining fee if required. A credit card is required to ensure full years membership is paid

The monthly payments will be paid on the day you sign up to Gocardless

When using the payment page you are accepting the GoCardless Terms & Conditions.

Each item that costs a certain amount of credits will be taken out of your allowance at the discretion of the duty manager. A spreadsheet is maintained of the credits used.

Users of the facilities and equipment of Lagoon Watersports Centre should report to the office immediately upon arrival and before using any facilities.

Users should seek advice from Duty Manager before using any club equipment or facilities or going out on sea. Failure to adhere to this advice may effect your third party insurance for taking part in Watersports at Lagoon Watersports.

Users that ignore the advice of Lagoon Watersports  regarding use of our equipment and facilities will find themselves liable for all damage caused to Lagoon Watersports equipment and all costs incurred in rescuing the sailor and the equipment.

Users should check their equipment or equipment hired to them by Lagoon Watersports to ensure that it is seaworthy. Any defects or breakage’s should be reported to Lagoon Watersports immediately and replacement equipment found before going out on the water.

Users should check the weather forecast to satisfy themselves that they are capable of sailing in the prevailing conditions.

Lagoon Watersports reserves the right to restrict the hire of equipment on the sea at the Duty Managers discretion.

Users must wear an appropriate and suitable buoyancy aid at all times.

Non swimmers must be water confident and wear a life jacket.

Users should at all times show care and consideration to other users of the Lagoon and the sea and observe all requirements of other relevant bodies (including the local Council and the Coast guard)

Users acknowledge that Lagoon Watersports is under no liability or obligation to them whatsoever in relation to any loss, injury or damage or any other liability (except to the extent that by virtue of any applicable law any such liability cannot be excluded, restricted or limited)

Users accept full responsibility for their own safety and for any loss or damage to any of the facilities or of the equipment which they may have hired from Lagoon Watersports and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Lagoon Watersports from and against all liabilities, losses, damages, costs, charges and expenses in relation thereto.

Wherever possible and subject to paragraph (b) , Duty Managers will endeavour to supervise children whilst they are engaged in Watersports in the Lagoon and subject to the requirements set out above , including the requirement to observe advice. However Duty Mangers cannot be responsible for children at other times. b)  Under -16’s are not permitted to engage in Watersports or use any of the Club’s equipment other than in the lagoon except with written parental consent and/or under the direct supervision of an  adult who may be a parent or other responsible person approved by the Club or one of the Duty Managers.

Lagoon Watersports equipment insurance policy covers: Accidental damage to any watersports equipment that you are hiring from Lagoon Watersports. This policy does not cover you for for miss treatment of equipment, you are liable for up to £1,000 excess if you are in collision with other water users and the cost of repairs for small damage and sail repairs due to misuse.