Kids Flexi Pass

Kids Flexi Pass

The Kids Flexi Pass is aimed at customers who want to “pay as you play” and save money on kids clubs, wakeboarding and hire.  Your tokens are deducted from your pass as and when you use them. This pass can be shared between friends and family.

Benefits :

  • Can be used for hire on Lagoon
  • Use for SUP, windsurf, kayak and wakeboarding
  • Passes are not restricted to one activity
  • Use for Kids Clubs , Sailing ,windsurfing and wakeboarding.
  • 15% discount in cafe
  • Your Pass can be shared with family or friends.
  • Adults can use hire and ride session of this pass

Restrictions :

  • Cannot be used for activities on the sea.
  • Only valid for the courses included in the pass
  • Pass valid for 24 months whether all sessions used or not
  • All sessions must be booked online
  • Sessions can only be booked from the account that purchased the pass. (You can book for other people)

How it works

  • You purchase a pass of 12 tokens
  • Tokens are valid as shown in the table below







12 Token Pass  : £115

Child Care Vouchers may be used for part or full payment for Kids Flex Passes and Kids memberships.

ActivityNon members rateFlexi Pass
Ride the Cables£353 Tokens
Tantrums Kids Wakeboard Clinic£353 Tokens
Wakeboard Competition£351 Token
Use of SUP's on Lagoon£20 per hour1 Token
Use of kayaks on Lagoon£20 per hour1 Token
Use of windsurfers on Lagoon£20 per hour1 Token
Kids Windsurf Club£252 Token
Kids Sailing Club£252 Token
Use of Club HouseN/AFREE
Use of changing rooms when we are closedN/AFREE


Once you have purchased a Flexi Pass you cannot get a refund for any unused tokens.

Your pass is valid for 24 months. We will not extend it. Once it expires it can no longer be used.

You can share your pass with other people so if you have tokens you cannot use you may allow someone else to use them.

You can share you Flexi Pass with friends and family members, but the lead name on the Flexi Pass membership must make any bookings.

All sessions should be booked online. Tokens will automatically removed from your pass.

Yes. To hire equipment you must have appropriate experience. To hire you must have complete the courses below or have equivillant experience. We offer beach Club members a 65% discount.

SUP Hove Lagoon SUP Taster
SUP Sea Signed off for unsupervised hire
Kayaking None
Cable Wakeboarding Improvers Course
Windsurf on Hove Lagoon RYA level 1
Windsurf on Sea Signed off for unsupervised hire
Windsurf Foil Competent Foiler

Hove Lagoon Opening Times

Summer Season

April :

  • Wednesday – Friday (12 – 6pm)
  • Weekend (9am – 7pm)

May :

  • Monday – Friday (12 noon – 8pm or approx 1 hour before dark)
  • Weekend. (9am – 7pm)

June – end of August :

  • Monday – Friday (10am – 9pm or approx 1 hour before dark)
  • Weekend. (9am – 7pm)

September :

  • Monday – Friday (12am – 8pm or approx 1 hour before dark)
  • Weekend. (9am – 7pm)

October :

  • Monday – Sunday (12am – approx 1 hour before dark)
  • Weekend. (10am – 1 hour before dark)

Winter season

  • Closed - with occasional variable opening. Please contact us to check. We advise customers not to join the club just for winter opening

Please note in the winter the Lagoon can leak when it gets cold making it impossible to offer activities

Members signed off for sea hire may access equipment when we re closed

The best way to meet new friends is come to our instructor lead clinics. Run by friendly instructors and attended by like minded people.

Please contact us and we will find a way to get you riding.

Please note weekends and week day evenings get booked up so we advise booking ahead.

Nothing! Everything is included. If you do wish to buy your own wetsuit or shoes there are local shops that offer a discount to members of Lagoon Beach Club. Let us know what you are looking to buy and we can advise where to go.

We have wetsuits in all shapes and sizes to suit everyone. You are very welcome to borrow one of these (no additional charge).

Lagoon Watersports operates by offering tuition to the public, groups and hire (membership) in multiple activities. Not one activity or element is big enough to sustain the centre on its own. The success of the centre is based on multiple activities balancing the three elements of tuition, groups and hire.

Our success is based on introducing new people to watersports and providing a route for them to practice and progress.

In practice this means members do not have sole use of the equipment or cables. There are times that you may not be able to gain access to the equipment or cable time you want as it is being used for another part of the operation. We know you want to get out on the water as much as possible and we provide as much availability of equipment, staff and wakeboarding time as possible. Please understand the facilities are for the use of a wide range of customers and not just Club Members. Sometimes it may not be possible for you to get your preferred session times.

If you have any difficulties please contact us.

Your membership period you pay for is for our "summer season" First weekend in April - October 31st. Any winter, November 1 - March 31, opening is a free bonus for members.

We are “soft open” weekends in November and December. We are usually closed for January, February and  March for members hire*.

Sea Hire and Takeaway hire is available to members that are signed off for it.

Please note when it gets cold in the winter the Lagoon can leak and it can be tricky to keep water in the Lagoon.

Every other year, in the winter, we drain the lagoon for cleaning. This usually takes minimum of 6 weeks.

*In the winter We reserve the right not to open : We may decide not to open if the weather is unsuitable. eg freezing cold or extreme gales. Also if there is no water in the Lagoon or staff sickness/holiday.

We advise you do not join if winter opening is really important to you unless you are signed off for Sea Hire

We run instructor led kids sailing and windsurfing clubs. This is a great way to improve and meet like minded youngsters.