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Fun Wakeboard Competitions at Lagoon Watersports.

This summer we will be holding a two great wakeboard rail competitions featuring Pro Coaching and judging from Matt Crowhurst. On October 1st the Grass Roots Tour will be at the lagoon.

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Grass Roots 2016 – Saturday  October 1st

Industry Wake Parks Grass Roots Tour will be hitting Lagoon Wake Park on Saturday October 1st . Entry fee is £35, you do not need to be a member of the BWSW this year to enter.
The tour is aimed at anyone from a first timer to a seasoned pro, it is all about having fun, progressing your riding and developing a community spirit at each wake park.

Find out more information about the Grass Roots Tour.

Lagoon Wake Park has been part funded by British Water Ski and Wakeboard (BWSW). We would like to thank them for their support in making this venue as fantastic as it is.


Enjoy pro coaching from Matt Crowhurst and some fun competition this summer with Lagoon wakeboard rail competitions.

The morning will feature pro coaching from Matt  over two cable before the contest in the afternoon.

The competition format will be similar to the Grass roots tour but with a scoring system aimed at riders learning new tricks and skills during ride sessions on the cable. Categories will be chosen to divide riders up into ability groups to make competition fair with the odd video and write up, such as July 2015 Wakeboard Competition write up.

The scoring

Each trick/skill will have its own rating or score varying in difficulty,  the combination of the skills you use on your competition run will then be added up to give an overall run total. A style bonus will multiply the score for a final total. A style bonus will added at the end to boost your final score

For example hitting the rooftop will earn you more points than just hitting the flat box, if you Ollie onto a rail you will earn more points than riding up onto it. And skills such as spinning on and off a rail or holding a press or slide along the rail will again earn you more points. surface tricks will also be scored.

There will be plenty of other prizes to be won at each event.


Entrance is £10 for members and £25 for non members and can be booked online just like a normal ride session. On the day you will register yourself into the appropriate category and then attend a brief rider meeting at 13:45 before comp start time at 1400 on Air cable.

This is a rail jam so air tricks do not count towards your final score for your heat. However, we will be awarding a bonus prize for the best aerials displayed. So if you have a couple of airs in the locker, bust them out.

Any questions please see one of the senior team (Ed, Sam or Tracy) or speak to another member of staff.

Lagoon Wake Park has been part funded by British Water Ski and Wakeboard (BWSW). We would like to thank them for their support in making this venue as fantastic as it is.

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My son Max Lepage Keefe really enjoyed Grassroots comp on Sunday everybody was friendly and he made some new friends thanks to everybody involved for organizing a great event.

Gary Lepage Keefe

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