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Windsurfing Hire

Lagoon Watersports has a range of windsurfers to suit all ages and abilities. The Lagoon is sheltered and shallow – a perfect learning environment for total beginners or improvers.

Lagoon Hire : £15 per hour, £10 per additional hour
Sea Hire : – Club members only. A private windsurfing lesson on the sea is an option that might help you get on the sea as would be booking on of our Sunday morning clinics. Please call before booking so we advise if the lesson will be on the sea.


It is our aim to ensure that all our customers have a great time on the water and are safe. Sea conditions can change very quickly in Brighton and we have found that our customers get the best experience when we know them and have some knowledge of their previous experience.

We have found that some customers can struggle with the sea conditions and do not have an enjoyable experience. In other circumstances conditions can change rapidly leaving us feeling unable to offer hire on the sea. Understandably customers are disappointed and frustrated, particularly after a long journey.

We want to have happy sailors that are progressing and enjoying their time on the water. We believe the best way to achieve this in our location is through training and getting to know each individual so that we can offer the best advice regarding equipment and conditions that are suitable for them.

You do not have to join the club for a  year you can take out a months membership and this tables you to windsurf on the sea and other benefits. Join our windsurf club for a month.

Other Equipment Hire

Dinghy hire on Hove Lagoon : Pre requirement RYA level 1 – £15 per hour, £10 per additional hour.
SUP hire on Hove Lagoon : Pre requirement SUP Taster Session – £15 per hour, £10 per additional hour.
SUP hire on Sea : Beach Club Members only.
Kayak Hire : £15 per hour, £10 per additional hour.

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