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Used Windsurf Gear and Equipment

Used windsurf gear and equipment, boards, sails, masts, SUP’s (Stand up Paddleboards), wakeboards in Brighton.

We have an extensive range of used North and Fanatic windsurf and SUP equipment and gear. Click here for our list of used SUP boards and paddles.

We only sell used equipment, not new. We strongly advise you pop down and see us to view any equipment to check you are happy with the condition before purchase.


Manufacturers warranties may still apply.


If you are unhappy with your purchase you may return the item. Postage must be covered by the returnee. You have one week from the delivery date to contact the seller to arrange the return. A refund can take place once the item has been returned and we are happy it is in the same condition as sent.

Used Fanatic Windsurf Boards

Gecko HRS1462015Deck Repair£600
Gecko HRS1332015Large nose repair£600
Gecko HRS1332015Major gelcoat damage, Deck and Rail repairs£600
Gecko HRS1332016Minor Nose repair, minor gelcoat and graphics.£650
Gecko HRS1202016Small nose repair. Minor gelcoat and graphics.£650
Gecko HRS1202016Minor gelcoat and graphics wear. Great condition.£650
Gecko HRS1202016Gelcoat damage. Repairs front underside rails.£650
Gecko HRS1122016Very minor paint damage. Amazing condition.£700
Gecko HRS1122016Graphics wear. very minor paint. Crack along middle underside. NO FIN (38)£600
Gecko HRS1122016Minor nose repair. Some paint damage at rear and around fin box.£600
Freewave CWS1062016Big nose repair. Two repairs on the underside. Paint chipping and graphics wear£650
Freewave CWS1062016Harness marks on the top deck. Small nose repair, paint chipping and minor graphics wear.£700
Freewave CWS862016Large professional nose repair. Shingle wear on the graphics and paint work£650

Used North Windsurf Sails

North E-Type7.82016Minor marking on sail. Good condition.£267
North E-Type6.220162 x small patch. Minor marking on sail. Average condition stickers)£198
Volt5.92016Minor marking on sail. Needs tiny patch on leach. Average condition. Average condition£275
Volt5.320162 x New panel needed. Very poor condition. Average condition£113
Volt5.32016Minor marking on sail. Good condition.£311
Volt5.32016Minor marking on sail. Good condition.£311
Volt4.72016Minor marking on sail. Good condition.£297
North Hero Hybrid4.72016Minor marking on sail. Good condition.£297
North Hero Hybrid4.72016Minor compression bottom panel. Minor leach. Fair condition.£269
North Hero Hybrid4.72016Minor damage on luff. Tape repair, main panel (needs renewing). Poor condition£269
North Hero Hybrid (Staff Sail)4.52016VGC£269
North Hero Hybrid4.22016Minor damage on luff. Tape repair, main panel (needs renewing). Poor condition£269
North Hero Hybrid4.22016Minor marking on sail. Good condition.£269
North Hero Hybrid3.02015Bit grubby, fair condition.£200
North Hero Hybrid (Staff Sail)3.02015VGC£220

Used masts, booms, extensions

Blacklabel SDM4602016Good£150
Blacklabel SDM4302016Good£145
Blacklabel RDM4302016Good£140
Blacklabel RDM4002016Good£135
Blacklabel RDM3702016Good£130
North Platinum Mast RDM (Staff mast)4002016VGC£240
North Platinum Mast RDM (Staff mast)3702016VGC£235

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