Author - Harvey Dawkins

What do kids need to bring for a kids activity week at Hove Lagoon ?

What to bring One of the questions we are asked many times by parents when they are sending their children for their first session of watersports is ‘what do they need to bring?’. Totally understandable. You don't want them to turn up with a suitcase of ‘just in case’ items [...]


This Girl Can… ‘If in doubt, paddle out.’ I wake up unusually early on a Saturday morning but the fact that the sun is shining and I’m going to be Stand-Up-Paddle boarding over the glistening water offers a lot of reassurance. Although, considering my poor balance and co-ordination skills, I prepare [...]

Race Yachts

This Girl Can…Skipper a Yacht in the Fastnet Race  Anna Strang works for Lagoon Watersports from the Brighton Marina centre as a senior sailing and yacht instructor. She is one of a handful of women skippering yachts in the 2015 Fastnet race. We recently caught up with Anna Strang and asked her [...]


Ella real life This Girl Can…Learn to Wakeboard story I enter the Lagoon on a warm summer’s evening, taking in the energetic nature in the water as beginners and professionals alike share an adrenaline rush on the wakeboarding cable. For a brief moment my teenager alarm rings as I question [...]

Kids Learn to Windsurf RYA Stage 1

The Kids & Youth Windsurf Stage 1 course is the ideal way to learn to windsurf. The combination of special light weight sails designed for kids and the shallow calm waters of Hove Lagoon mean windsurfing is fully accessible to kids as young as 8. Kids Will : Learn to windsurf Have a great [...]


We have been training crew from the Superyachts for their Yachtmaster qualification. The RYA Yachtmaster Coastal and Offshore is an extremely useful and credible yachting qualification. It rigorously tests the skipper’s ability and can appear daunting to potential candidates. But well-prepared skippers with the right experience needn’t worry. With [...]

Watersports for Language Schools in Brighton

For language students coming to the UK, the south coast has lots to offer. In the summer students flock to the sunny seaside town of Brighton, looking for an adventure and to improve there English. Lagoon Watersports have been working with language schools to offer their students a watersports experience [...]

Hang on to your hats! 35 knot workout to Guernsey

With only 57 days left until the start of the Fastnet Race, the Lagoon Watersports Racing Team took on their third, and toughest, race of the 2013 Fastnet Campaign.  The De Guingand Bowl is a 120-mile race from Cowes, Isle of Wight, over to Guernsey in the Channel Islands.  [...]

How to Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) originates from the idyllic island of Hawaii; it uses a board, which you stand on, and a paddle to help propel you along. This up and coming sport is suitable for everyone, whether your after a gentle, tranquil paddle or an adrenaline packed wave session, [...]

Learn to Windsurf in Brighton

Learning to windsurf is awesome fun and once you’ve started your be hooked! During a windsurf lesson you will be taught how to get up on the board, how to use the sail, move in a straight line and turn round. The best place to learn is a Royal Yachting Association [...]

Meet the Windsurfers

Meet the Windsurfers - Mike and Suzy Start your adventure and learn to windsurf , Try Wakeboarding or Standup Paddleboarding Name: Suzanne Goetz Age: 34 Name: Michael Watts Age: 63.5 Meet Suzy and Mike, both long term members of the lagoon, avid windsurfers and BFF after meeting on the water. “I love being on the water and [...]

Meet the Watersports Instructors – Joe and Sam

Meet the Watersports Instructors - Joe and Sam   Name: Sam York Age: 18 Name: Joe Murdoch Age: 18 With a budding bromance after knowing each other for 4 long years, Joe and Sam have progressed from young gun members into fully qualified watersports instructors, both teaching Stand Up Paddleboarding and Wakeboarding. Having both been regulars [...]

Advice for buying your first standup paddle board

Advice for buying your first standup paddle board

Meet the Stand Up Paddlers

Meet the Stand Up Paddlers     Name: Gary Perkins Age: 50 Name: Billy Stewart Age: 55 Having know each other for 25 years, both Billy and Gary are in their second year as members of Lagoon Watersports, very much enjoying their new found love of Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), they are regularly getting out on [...]

Shaping A Paddler

#startyourjourney THE CHALLENGE  We are looking for 1 person, guy or girl, over the age of 18, who’s up for a 2 month life changing Stand Up Paddle Board challenge! You will win 7 weeks FREE Stand Up Paddle Board tuition, coaching and hire, starting with no experience we will take you [...]