Changing , pausing or suspending membership

Changing membership

That is no problem. If you have learnt a new activity, want to add another adult or child we can amend your membership accordingly.

Pausing Membership

Please contact us to discuss options.

Cancelling Membership

Your membership will end after 12 months at which point you can decide if you wish to rejoin. All communication regarding membership administration must be sent to

By signing up you are committing to a years membership. There are no refunds once you have completed the 14day cooling off period.

If you are paying by monthly payments these should stop when your membership ends. We strongly advise you to check that the payments have stopped.

By choosing to pay by Standing Order you are accepting that you are liable for the payment of the full annual membership fee. It is not a monthly membership fee, it is a way to enable you to spread the cost of your membership over 12 months and you are liable for the full membership fee in all circumstances.

We will not refund a membership for any reason. eg job relocation, illness.

Illness or injury

In the event of illness or injury making it impossible for the customer to use the facilities, Lagoon Watersports will consider a membership holiday period until the customer is able to use the facilities again. we will also consider offering you a credit that can be used on any activities that we offer. We will also consider making this transferable.