Sea Hire

The sea can be a challenging place. Our aim is for members to grow into confident and independent water people. 

The sea offers us a wonderful, varied, dynamic exciting playground for watersports. But it can be dangerous and unforgiving. It is better to go slowly, learn and be prepared. 

This is a journey. Enjoy it. 

Start with our instructor led clinics.

These will build your skills, experience , and introduce you to safety requirements. Some of these will run on the Lagoon so we can build your skills in readiness for the sea. We will go on the sea when ever we can.

Please ask the office or an instructor which clinic is most suitable for you. 

As you progress we are able to sign you off as ready for “Sea Hire” enabling you to hire on the sea. Experienced windsurfers and SUPers can skip the clinics if they are able to demonstrate suitable ability.

Once we are confident of your ability we can sign you off for “Sea Hire”. This means you can hire on the sea out side of clinic times. This also enables you to hire when the centre is closed (eg early morning SUP paddle) and take equipment off to other venues.

There is NO safety cover provided for your hire. You responsible for your own safety. Hence we require you to take additional sensible safety precautions.

We may put restrictions on the range of conditions that we will hire to you in and advise you attend further clinics to gain more experience.

Important info on sea hire can be found here.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

Club members, that have not been signed off for Sae Hire may go on the sea as part of our instructor led clinics.

Hire for kids on the sea (All activities)

Under 18’s
: Sorry no hire on the sea. Except accompanied on the water by a parent that has suitable skills in that activity. This due to restrictions placed on us by our insurance company.

Kids may attend sea clinics and go on the sea under the supervision of an instructor. Please ask the office or a Duty manager to see if your child is ready for this.