Which membership should I choose


As a rough guide if you are using the club about 20 times a year you get the best value by joining the club. Please remember  we give members the best prices, but we require a 1 year commitment.

Flexi Pass 12 or 20 Tokens is best value for low to medium levels users or those that do not want to commit to a full membership.

Windsurfing on the sea more than 15 hours a year and you will save money by joining Beach Club Pro

SUP more than 10 hours on the sea a year you will save money by joining Beach Club SUP

Wakeboard more than 25 times a year you will save money by joining  Beach Club Wake

We offer 5 memberships :

  • SUP – Offers SUP on lagoon and sea plus windsurfing on the Lagoon
  • WIND – As SUP but also includes all sea clinics for windsurfing. If you are not signed off for Sea Hire this is the windsurfing membership for you.
  • WAKE – Adds wakeboarding to WIND membership
  • PRO – Adds windsurfing hire on the sea to WAKE membership. (There is an option to to exclude wakeboarding from pro membership which is slightly cheaper.
  • KIDS – We offer a Kids Lagoon membership (SUP, windsurf sail and kayak) and a kids wakeboarding which adds wakeboarding.

We offer rates for :

  • Single adults
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Students

See our Membership price calculator or price list for rates.