Sea Hire

How do I apply for Sea Hire ?

If you meet the pre requirements then  Contact us to arrange an assessment of your ability. Complete the application form. If you do not meet the pre requirements yet Contact us to arrange an action plan to get to ready for sea hire. You can do this on a clinic by having a...

Can I take equipment to other venues ?

Yes. Once you are signed off for sea hire you can take equipment to other venues. (Excludes intermediate windsurfers) To take advantage of this please chat to us. This is a new service we are offering and we are figuring out exactly how it will work in practice.

Can I go on the sea when the lagoon is closed ?

Yes. Once you are signed off for sea hire (Excludes intermediate windsurfers) you may get a key fob from us and access our equipment out of hours.

Do you still offer safety cover on the sea ?

No. Our aim is to get you the level where you can become an independent windsurfer, wing or paddler. To do this we offer lots of instructor led clinics. We feel this offer you a quicker and safer route to becoming independent. safety cover and instruction is provided for...

Can I go on the sea if I do not qualify for sea hire ?

If you do not meet the requirements for sea hire you can attend our instructor led clinics. These are available for SUP, windsurf and winging. Most of them take place on the sea. They include coaching to help you prepare for sea hire.

Why do we have pre requirements for sea hire ?

Our insurance company places restrictions upon us. The restriction in places are good practice for going on the sea. Every year people drown or get into trouble on the sea. These basic ability and safety requirements can prevent people getting into trouble. If then following these ,measures will give a...