Ideas for outdoor activities for kids and adults with special needs or behavioural issues in Brighton

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Ideas for outdoor activities for kids and adults with special needs or behavioural issues in Brighton

How about something completely different? How about watersports? There are a whole host a exciting and engaging watersport activities available for kids and adults with special needs in Brighton.

Options include sailing, wakeboarding, kayaking, windsurfing, standup paddle boarding, raft building and racing. These activities are great fun. suitable for kids and adults. They can be one off have a go sessions or develop into a regular pastime, even a life long passion. All sessions are run by qualified instructors and the watersports activity centre provides all the specialised equipment. Sessions can be tailor made to suit the groups requirements which is best arranged by a chat on the phone or passing down to the centre to discuss the groups requirements and the aims you are looking for. We can promise something new, different and exciting which offers learning and fun in a supportive environment.

The watersports centre at Hove Lagoon is the perfect environment for starting watersports. The water is shallow, about one metre deep. The lagoon is about the size of two football pitches so you are never far from the side. The water is always far calmer than the sea. Right next to the water is the purpose built watersports centre with full shore side facilities including changing rooms, hot showers a cafe and free WiFi.

The centre has lots of experience of successfully introducing people with special needs to a range of watersports. One the of the staff’s favourite sessions from the 2016 season was to run a wakeboard session for a group of blind veterans who have taken to wakeboarding.

The centre is also experienced at catering for groups of young people with behavioural issues. These sessions are usually taster have a go sessions in a few activities but we can also offer regular weekly sessions to learn a new sport like sailing.

As with school groups Lagoon Watersports offers discounted rates for special needs groups that can visit on weekdays (subject to availability). Sometimes the centre is able to access grants for nominated groups. It is always worth asking as we may be able to help your group get out on the water at a further reduced rate.

Lagoon Watersports is accredited by the Royal Yachting Association, Learning Outside the Classroom, British Waterski and Wakeboard and British Standup Paddleboard Association. The centre is regularly inspected by these bodies, all the staff are training to national governing body standards and all those working with young people under go a DBS check. The centre is fully insured and risk assessments are available for group leaders.

See you on the water….

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