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Corporate sailing event at Brighton Marina

Today we had a very successful corporate sailing event at our Brighton Marina base, with 27 people coming down from London. To keep up Olympic appearances, we organised a Lagoon Watersports-style sea-based triathlon with 2 sailing races around a triangle course (won by yacht Run), a 2-lap swim round yacht [...]

Olympic windsurfing and sailing – come and try in Brighton

The Olympics have been amazing to watch, fast paced, action packed, exhilarating and certain to give the feeling of wanting to get up and take part in a bit of sporting action. Our medals are rolling in and from the amount of different sports it is hard not to [...]

Inspired by the Olympic Windsurfing and sailing

Unless you have been living in a dark cupboard for the past week, you may have noticed that the 2012 Olympics are taking place. Down in Weymouth Bay and Portland Harbour the Sailing and Windsurfing are taking over. There are 10 exciting sailing events taking place over the course of [...]