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Go Wakeboarding

Being pulled along, hitting speeds of up to 20mph and making tricks and flips in the Lagoon can facilitate the need of many adrenaline junkies, and wakeboarding is a great facilitator for that.

Grass Roots Tour – The Lagoon Stop

We couldn’t have asked for better weather! A summer’s day at the end of September provided us with great conditions for the last stop in the London/South region. Forty wakeboarders turned up from across the UK to take part in the competition, practice started at 1300 allowing everyone some time...

Wakeboard – User Reviews

This year we have started to collect some reviews from our riders - giving you a helping hand when choosing our next wakeboard! If you want to review a board for us and add it to our blog, please email lucy@lagoonwatersports.co.uk. Please feel free to add your comments in the box...