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Meet the Windsurfers – Mike and Suzy

Name: Suzanne Goetz

Age: 34

Name: Michael Watts

Age: 63.5

Meet Suzy and Mike, both long term members of the lagoon, avid windsurfers and BFF after meeting on the water.

Mike and Suzy have know each other for 4 years, meeting through the lagoon, sharing their love for windsurfing, they push each other to learn more and progress at their sport, Mike tells us, “We are very different windsurfers, she pushes me to go out in more extreme conditions, I try and make her do light wind freestyle.” The duo are regulars at the Lagoon and their love for windsurfing is apparent, Suzy loves the challenge “I love being on the water and out in the open sea where I feel removed from everything in my day to day life. Windsurfing is very addictive as there is always something to focus on and learn. I love going out in challenging conditions, it often takes a while to tune into the conditions each time but once tuned in and my sailing is good I feel great. I enjoy going fast, flying across the choppy sea and using the waves to accelerate, its such a good feeling.” and Mike agrees “I windsurf because it is a challenging sport, always another move to learn.” When not windsurfing they can often be found in the club house or chilling outside on the terrace, enjoying an after windsurf beer, Mike says “I like the lagoon for its friendliness, professional outlook and more so the social side. I would say to anyone to join the Lagoon to meet new people, enjoy a variety of sports and learn in a safe environment.” and Suzy concurs “I like the fact that there is always somewhere to go and be active and sociable, its great to have a hobby and something to focus on”

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What to bring

One of the questions we are asked many times by parents when they are sending their children for their first session of watersports is ‘what do they need to bring?’. Totally understandable. You don’t want them to turn up with a suitcase of ‘just in case’ items but then you don’t want them to come home upset because they didn’t have the right things.

What to put in their bag

Here we have compiled a list that we hope will help you.

When the children arrive on the first day you will need to sign in at reception. We will ask you for details of any medical conditions that are likely to affect them whilst they are at the centre. If you need to go in to depth you will be given the opportunity to speak to the manager of the day at the end of the parent briefing. We will also ask you for an emergency contact number, just in case. If you are due to be in a meeting that morning please come prepared with other contact numbers, again, just in case. If it is all to hand it will save time.

Your child will need to arrive dressed in clothes as opposed to their own wetsuits as it may be that they will do some land based activity before they go on to the water. Also have good shoes for running around! In their bag they will need to bring swimwear and a towel and something to wear on their feet in the water. You can buy little wet shoes in the supermarkets. Alternatively old trainers or plimsolls are great. If they have their own wetsuit they are welcome to bring it although wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets etc are provided. If the weather is not great and they have a shortie please let them know that it might be a day to wear one of ours so that they do not get cold

During the course of the session they will stop for a break so pack a drink and a snack in their bag or some pocket money to get something from the cafe. If they are on the Kids Activity Week they will also stop for lunch which some people will have booked and paid for when they made their original booking. If you did not do this and still want them to have an in house lunch you can order the lunch at the cafe first thing each morning. If you prefer to send them with a packed lunch that is absolutely fine, they will all eat together so if they have come with friends they will still be together.

The weather on the coast can change very quickly. If it is a sunny day please send them with suncream on and  also put some in their bag – we will encourage them to put more on half way through the session. However hot and sunny it is please send them with a hoody or jumper, after a period of time in the water any body will get chilly!

If you are still not sure what to send them with call us and we will be more than happy to advise.

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