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Enjoy an active beach lifestyle.

Lagoon Beach Club provides everything you need to have a great time on the water.
Membership includes free cable wakeboarding, hire of windsurfers, SUPs and kayaks.
There is no need to buy any watersports equipment, everything is included, even the wetsuits.

See you on the water…

Kids Beach Club

Join us at the Lagoon and spend your summer at the UKs premier multisports Beach Club.

  • Gets you on the water, there is no need to buy any watersports equipment
  • Having fun
  • Learning and improving
  • Make friends
  • With no hassle
Activities include Non Members rates
Windsurfing on Hove LagoonFree Hire£25 per hour
Dinghy sailing at Hove LagoonFree Hire£25 per hour
SUPFree Hire£15 - £20 per hour
Windsurfing on the seaFree HireN/A
KayakingFree Hire£15 per hour
Wakeboard RidingUp to two free sessions a day£29 per session
Tantrums kids wakeboard clubFree£29 per session
Kids Onboard sailing ClubFree£18.50
Kids Windsurf & SUP ClubFree£18.50
Wet suits, footwear and buoyancy aidsFree Hire£4 per hour
Discount on many coursesSave 10%N/A

Why does no where but Brighton have any decent watersports places. Going to miss Hove Lagoon.


I have loved being a part of the lagoon


I could not recommend you guys highly enough, unfortunately and with real regret it was due to me not having the time to use your facilities

Bob Hughes

Prices :

Kids 12 months : £275

Add a second child : £150

Add a third child : £100

Kids with wakeboarding 12 months : £425 (Save £50 a year if you have your own board)

Add a second child : £250

Add a third child : £150

Add a child to an existing membership , Including wakeboarding £100, excluding wakeboarding £60

To join the Club please come down to the centre in person to complete the relevant paperwork or you can download it, complete and return to us. (takes approximately 10 minutes)


Start your adventure…

Arrange a tour

Let us show you around the centre and chat about what the club can offer you. Enjoy a free hot drink and cake or biscuit. 

No Sales, no pressure guaranteed 

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Opening times

April :

  • Wed – Fri (12 – 6pm)
  • Weekend (12 – 7pm)

May – end of August :

  • Mon – Fri (10am – 9pm or approx 1 hour before dark)
  • Weekend. (10am – 8pm)

September :

  • Mon – Fri (12am – 8pm or approx 1 hour before dark)
  • Weekend. (10am – 8pm)

October :

  • Wed – Sunday (12am – approx 1 hour before dark)
  • Weekend. (10am – 8pm)

November – end March:

  • Weekends (10am –  4pm) Subject to weather please call or email to check.


Club members with suitable windsurfing or/and SUPing experience are able to hire equipment on the sea, within 2 miles of the club, when the club is offering safety cover.

Safety Cover times

From mid April : Weekends from 1000 – 1815
May : Wed, Thurs, Fri  5pm – 7.15pm, Weekends from 1000 – 1815
June : Wed, Thurs, Fri 1200 – 2015, Weekends from 1000 – 1815
July : Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri 1200 – 2015 , Weekends from 1000 – 1815
Aug : Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri 1200 – 2015 (1915 from mid Aug), Weekends from 1000 – 1815
Sept : Wed, Thurs, Fri 1200 – 1815, Weekends from 1000 – 1815
Oct : Weekends from 1000 – 1815

Unsupervised hire on the sea

Club members may also hire on the sea when we do not offer safety cover, with no restriction on the area as long as :

  • A member of our free Unsupervised hire club
  • Suitable ability
  • Aged 18+
  • Carry suitable safety equipment – a mobile phone in a waterproof case
  • Have Personal Accident Insurance for the activity.  We recommend Sports Cover Direct

More info

Discount on Training

Discount on many adult courses at Hove Lagoon

Beach Club SUP members : Save 45%

Beach Club Wake members : Save 65%

Beach Club Pro members : Save 75%

Kids : Save 10%

Wakeboard Booking Rules

We have designed some very simple rules to help make sharing the availability fair for all. You may book up to 2 wakeboard ride slots per day, except Sunday which is 1 session per day. You may only book up to 4 wakeboard ride sessions in advance. Additional slots can be booked at a cost of £10per session.

More Details…

Clinics and Clubs

SUPing : Wed eve social paddle, fun racing, surfing and more

Windsurf Improvers : On Lagoon Wed eve

Windsurf Sea : Sunday afternoons

Wakeboarding : Thurs eve


Info coming soon

Water Quality

The water in Hove Lagoon quality is tested regularly as part of the Brighton and Hove City Councils seafront beach water quality testing. Lagoon Watersports opened in 1994 , since that date the water in Hove Lagoon has passed every one with flying colours.

  • The water in the Lagoon is sea water rather than fresh water which prevents some common water quality issues that lakes suffer from.
  • The Lagoon is very shallow so the sun can penetrate to the bottom
  • There is a high level of evaporation and leakage in the Lagoon.
  • The Lagoon is topped up with fresh seawater every few days.
  • The sea water that goes into the Lagoon meets all bathing test requirements.


We are “soft open” weekends from Nov – March for members hire* :

Lagoon : Windsurfing, SUPing, Kayaking

Sea : There is  no safety cover. You may hire our equipment on the sea if you are a member of our unsupervised hire club.

Equipment available : We sell our equipment from late October each season and replace it with new equipment in early April. Please do not expect us to have a full range of equipment over the winter.

*Reserve the right not to open : We may decide not to open if the weather is unsuitable. Eg freezing cold or extreme gales. If there is no water in the Lagoon or staff sickness / holiday.

How long does membership last

How long does my membership last

  • 12 months from your joining date. You can pay a one off payment or by 12 payments spread over the year. At the end of the year your payments will stop and your membership end unless you choose to renew.
  • You can join for one month. At the end of the month you are free to add additional months.This works really well if you just want to be a member for a short period of time.

Cancelling Membership

Please email us or call 01273 783824.

How membership fits into our centre

How membership fits into our centre.

Lagoon Watersports operates by offering tuition to the public, groups and hire (membership) in multiple activities. Not one activity or element is big enough to sustain the centre on its own. The success of the centre is based on multiple activities balancing the three elements of tuition, groups and hire.

Our success is based on introducing new people to watersports and providing a route for them to practice and progress in multiple watersports.

In practice this means members do not have sole use of the equipment or cables. There are times that you may not be gain access to equipment or cable time you want as it is being used for another part of the operation. We know you want to get out on the water as much as possible and we provide as much availability of equipment, staff and wakeboarding time as possible. But is important to understand the facilities are for the use of a wide range of customers and not just Club Members. Sometimes it may not be possible for you to get your preferred session times.

If you have any difficulties please contact us.

Pre requirements to hire equipment 

We need to know you will be safe and will not pose a risk to other users. We have minimuim ability requirements for each activity.

ActivityPre requirement
SUP Hove LagoonSUP Taster
SUP SeaSUP Improvers
Cable WakeboardingImprovers Course
Windsurf on Hove LagoonRYA level 1
Windsurf on SeaRYA Intermediate
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