Family Watersports Taster Day

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Fun watersports for all the family

Family days out – enough of the standard ‘lets go to the park’ or ‘lets go cycling’ how about ‘lets go to Hove Lagoon and get wet!’

Its fun for all the family, no matter your experience level here at Lagoon we adapt our programmes to cater for all standard of sea lover.

Spending time with your loved ones can get difficult – from balancing work commitments, acting like a taxi to and from school, and fitting in the occasional moment to yourself – those precious hours of family fun start to become golden gifts of the week, but make them memorable! Hours can fly by on the water, without a care in the world and nothing to worry about (apart from keeping your boat afloat of course) you are free from the stresses that can impose on your life at shore.

Tearing children away from technology these days is half the battle of a family day out and what better way to remedy the separation than heading out into the one place phones do not like – water. So goodbye mobiles, tablets and MP3s and hello paddles, ropes and sails.

Learn new skills

Watch and join is as you and your children develop the necessary skills required for each watersport as you get sun and sea soaked in Hove Lagoon. The best thing about watersports is that falling in and getting wet is part of the game, you just have to pick yourself back up again and repeat!

For those of us that find running on a treadmill dire, rowing on that rowing machine in a sweaty gym never ending, or cycling on that watt bike tiresome then fear not as our watersports day have you burning hundreds of calories and toning muscles you have probably never known you had, welcome to fun fitness. Building on your strength, endurance and balance – each sport offers individual benefits that makes them as addictive as one another.

Try a new activity, have a great time together, get wet, and have an adventure.

If you think that this sounds just what you and your little’uns (or bigun’s) need to get involved in then come down and give it a try! A few hours of fun filled exercise will get you tired but wanting more.

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