Tips for using smaller boards for wing foiling

I was wing foiling quite happily on my 95l Fanatic 2019 SUP foil board. For info I weigh 68kgs. I then damaged my board and it was out of action. I had been prone foil surfing on my Fanatic 2019 5’6” 50 litre board so I thought I would [...]

Wing foiling – a few months in

I love it , fully hooked. For me it is a fill in activity for when conditions are not suitable for wave sailing, SUPing or foil surfing. That means I don’t get out that much. But I have found my self getting excited when I see forecasts for conditions [...]

Learning something new and challenging make you feel great…Do it…

Over the last ten months I have been learning to foil on a range of craft. It has been a humbling yet extremely rewarding experience which has made me think about the whole learning experience and what a positive effect it can have on you mentally and physically. Being a [...]

Tips for your first Duo Tone wing foil session

Tips for your first wing foil session Take a lesson... Learn to Wing Foil at Hove Lagoon, Brighton Location Choose some where with plenty of space as there is a good chance you will end up down wind Go out in flat water Launching and landing in any waves requires care Protection I put a helmet [...]

My First go on Duo Tone Foil wing

My First go on Duo Tone Foil wing It is great fun, more so than I expected. When I first saw the wings online I thought they looked rubbish. But foiling can be a bit like that. It can look a bit rubbish but it feels amazing  and anything that [...]