What makes Hove Lagoon so special for learning?

Hove Lagoon is an old Victorian boating lake so has a solid bottom and is only waist deep. This means that any time you need to you can stand up. It is also right next to the sea so on those hot sunny days when there is little wind...

I have my own board but want to paddle with other people.

If you have your own board you are welcome to bring it to one of the instructor lead clinics. There are training sessions and social sessions depending on your ability and what you want to get out of the session whether it be the ladies session on a Sunday...

What do I wear for SUP Yoga?

Most people tend to wear fitness clothes so that it is easier to move and bring a change of clothes in case they fall in. However, it is perfectly acceptable to wear a wetsuit if you prefer. If you do not have your own that is not a problem...

What do I need to bring?

Swimwear and a towel. We will provide wetsuit, buoyancy aid and wet shoes. If you have any of the above you are welcome to bring them. The towel is for showering off afterwards.

What do we do with our bags when we are on the water?

We have lockers that are free to use or if your bag does not fit in the locker we will look after it for you. Please do not bring massive suitcases as space is a little limited.

Is there a weight restriction for the boards, I am a big man?

There is a variety of boards depending on peoples, size, ability and what they are doing? If you are learning to SUP you will use one type of board, if you are learning to surf or race you will use different boards, if you are a group wanting a...

My balance is not great, will I stand up?

All beginners will start on the board by kneeling. As and when people are ready to stand up they will do so but if it takes some people a little longer that is not a problem.

Will we be able to go on the sea?

The lagoon is ideal for learning as it is waist deep. Once people are confident and have grasped the basics we will try and get you on the sea but obviously this is subject to the sea conditions. There is nothing better than cruising along the Brighton coast but...

What if the weather is not great?

It is very unusual for us to cancel due to bad weather. You will be getting wet so rain is not a problem and if you have people coming to watch they can watch from our cafe which looks out over the lagoon.

I am not a very good swimmer, will I be ok?

Hove Lagoon is only waist deep so if you do fall off your board you will be able to stand up and then get back on your board. You will also be wearing a buoyancy aid for added confidence.

I don’t have a wetsuit, is this a problem?

We have wetsuits in all shapes and sizes to suit everyone. You are very welcome to borrow one of these (no additional charge).

Changing Bookings

Please click here for our full booking terms and conditions and ensure that you understand our cancellation policy. Alterations to Bookings Customers are able to rearrange course dates up to two times with no charge when Lagoon Watersports is given : 48 hours notice for courses under £75 per person 7 days notice...