SUP Practice

SUP Practice


Hire is available on Hove Lagoon.

To hire on the sea you need to be a member of the club.

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SUP Club

There is no need to buy any watersports equipment, everything is provided, even the wetsuits. A bit like a gym but for watersports.

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SUP Yoga

SUP yoga provides great benefits to the mind and body, this is easy to see when each of the aspects alone gives amazing benefits to health, and together they provide the perfect combination.

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Social Paddle

Improve your skills and enjoy paddling with like minded people. Our SUP clinics include relaxed social paddles and also race training for those looking for a fitness session.

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Ladies Paddling

Improve your skills and enjoy paddling with like minded women. Our ladies SUP club runs on Sunday mornings.

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Used Fanatic SUP’s

We sell the Fanatic boards and paddles from our centre throughout the year.

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