This Girl Can at Lagoon Watersports

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This Girl Can at Lagoon Watersports

“Eww Water!” – I hear you scream. “What about my hair?” – I hear you fear.

It’s the 21st century, lets wipe away these potentially thought hindrances and have an open mind when it comes to exploring watersports.

Watersports has become a much more explored form of exercise since our amazing successes at London 2012 Olympics, especially among our female athletes.

In recent years Sport England initiated a national campaign named ‘This Girl Can’. This is a celebration of active women all over the country who are doing their bit to keep fit; no matter how they are doing it, how they may look whilst doing it, and their level of experience and ability. The campaign awards red-faced females who are participating in sport in any capacity, and here at Lagoon Watersports almost half of our customers are women of all ages and abilities.

Sport of any amount is good for us all, it makes you feel rejuvenated, fills us full of endorphins, and helps those of us who are trying to lose weight do it in a fun and productive way. Jumping on a board and trying out new skills can develop you with acquiring new practical skills, building your confidence when in the water, and developing a greater positive mind set by letting you escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Not only does being in the open water keep you away from the constant buzzing of your phone, it allows you to de-stress, have some time to yourself and for those parents amongst you: it gives you that little bit of time out.

Ladies watersports activity days at Lagoon Watersports

This Girl Can at Lagoon Watersports

Heading out into the water is so much more fun with friends, so why not give wakeboarding a try with a friend or two; grab your girlfriends, daughters and siblings and head on down to Lagoon. Whilst you carve it on the wakeboard your friends can sit and watch you on the pier, have a giggle, take a photo of your coolest tricks or join you on the open water.

Once you have had your quota of endless fun, why not finish your session with a coffee and a bite to eat with your new friends in our on-site café. You can share your highlights from your time on the water, plan your next visit, and challenge your comrades to completing the best jump or trick in the group!

If this all doesn’t convince you to whip on a wetsuit and head into the water then maybe this will: salt is great for your skin.

So grab your swimsuits, your car keys and a pal and head on down to Lagoon Watersports! If you want to try out more than wakeboarding then you should get involved in our Ladies Watersports Day – head on down and join us and those that, alike you, want to give wakeboarding, sailing and SUP a try! – Award all your hard work with a BBQ at the end of the day…so that’s surely worth it too right?

See You on the Water…

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