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This Girl Can…Skipper a Yacht in the Fastnet Race

 Anna Strang works for Lagoon Watersports from the Brighton Marina centre as a senior sailing and yacht instructor. She is one of a handful of women skippering yachts in the 2015 Fastnet race.

We recently caught up with Anna Strang and asked her a few questions about her sailing and experiences on the water.

1. How did you get into sailing?

 My grandfather loved sailing and taught me. My cousin and I started sailing together at 6 years of age racing Cadets out of Parkstone Yacht Club.

2. Being a Skipper and looking after a crew is a big responsibility – what skills make a successful Skipper?

A successful skipper! Smiling and staying calm through the worst moments. Also helps to feed and water your crew!!

3. What would be your advice to other women looking to get in to sailing?

To other woman I would say get out and do it! It’s fun and we can keep up with the boys!

4. What are you aspirations for the future?

To race more! I’m learning a lot all the time and it would be amazing to continue to race bigger boats in offshore races and meet and sail with some of my idols. My real passion comes from Laser sailing and I won’t be giving that up anytime soon!

5. Best/worst sailing experience?

Best sailing experience is a tough one, probably first sight of the pitons whilst watching dolphins after crossing the Atlantic for the first time, or skiff sailing with friends in Australia!

Worst experience having some unconfirmed pirates trying to board the boat on route to Panama on Christmas Eve. We didn’t let them on and defended ourselves with solar panels and bearspray!

Thank you Anna and well done on your performance in the 2015 Fastnet!

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