Lagoon Wake Park goes to Hannams

2018-02-10T16:03:09+00:00 February 9th, 2016|Beach Club|

Early Saturday morning myself and 4 nervous but excited riders headed up to Hannams Wake Hub in Cambridge for the Grass Roots Tour. On arrival all the riders lined up in the que for the practice sessions.

The Hannams stop was a Wakestock qualifier and so there were a fair few more riders than anticipated to squeeze in before the competition kicked off at 1400.

First up was Luke Mepham in the junior intermediates, showing some nice moves and getting some height on both heelside and toeside kickers. Next up was Matt Mepham in the vetrans, Matt hadn’t planned to ride but after some persuading he rode off the dock and gave a great performance, throwing him self off unfamiliar kickers and making it smoothly along the pipe and other features.

By now the weather had cleared up and Hannams Wake Hub was providing perfect glassy conditions for the rest of the competition. Next up was the Men’s Intermedaite in which Sam Mann and Alex Mason had some strong compeiton from the Wake Up Docklands crew.

Sam watched as others laid down some nice runs


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