Join a club and make new friends in Brighton

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Join a club and make new friends in Brighton

Joining a club is a great way to make new friends and can open up a whole new world. Brighton is right by the sea so how about considering going to the watersports club at Hove Lagoon.

Never heard of a watersports club? What on earth is that?  It is a club, in some ways a bit like a gym, but instead of your membership being about exercise it is all about getting on the water of Hove Lagoon and the sea and enjoying a range of watersports. With all of the equipment provided by the club there is no need to buy, store or maintain expensive equipment. The club provides all the equipment and the support you need to get you out and enjoying yourself.

You can go windsurfing, standup paddleboarding, wakeboarding and kayaking. The way the club works is that you take a basic introduction course in one sport. For esxampl standup paddleboarding (SUPing). In this case the lesson is two hours long and that will get you up and going. Once you have completed the SUP lesson you can hire a board on Hove Lagoon and come to some of our supervised SUP clubs. This can be done on a pay as you play basis. Hopefully you will really enjoy things and it is at this stage it is worth considering joining the club.

To support your progress, improve your skills and help you meet other club members the club runs

weekly (April – end October) instructor lead training sessions, both on Hove Lagoon and the sea. These are the perfect way to get to know new people and to start to develop your passion for watersports. The instructors and other club members are friendly and keen to share their love of each activity and advice for how you can improve.The club is keen to encourage members to make the most of their free time and get out on the water as much as possible so it offers significant discounts to club members to allow them to try other sports. Now you can paddleboard why not try windsurfing or wakeboarding. These discounts also apply to improvers courses at Hove Lagoon. So once you have mastered the basics and decided to move to the next level you can take a class and save money.

The club house is a great facility for pre and post watersports relaxing. The club has a licensed bar with a cafe and an area to relax outside, perfect for watching the world go by on the water. You never know, that alone might inspire you to try another activity.

The best value club memberships are for a 12 month period but you can join for just a month which is perfect if you are not quite sure, want something just for the summer holidays or are visiting town.

Why not pop down for a chat or book yourself a taster class and see if joining Lagoon Watersports Beach Club is the thing for you.

See you on the water


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