Ideas for a new healthy active hobby in Brighton

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Ideas for a new healthy active hobby in Brighton

What better way to help you stay healthy and active in Brighton than a hobby like watersports. Here are a few ideas of the fun and healthy active things you could be getting up to on the water.

SUP Brighton

Standup Paddleboard Yoga, yes Yoga on a Standup Paddleboard or SUP Yoga is big and it could be your new hobby. It is great fun and something completely different. Classes are run from June – early September on Tuesday evenings at Hove Lagoon. Classes are popular so pre booking is essential. No previous Yoga or standup paddleboarding experience is required. Having said that a quick two hour Standup Paddleboard taster session  beforehand may boost your confidence before your first class. It is unlikely you will fall in and most people wear gym or yoga clothes that they are prepared to get wet, just in case !


Wakeboarding on the zip wires at Hove Lagoon can be a very addictive new hobby. This thrilling sport is easy to get to grips with and hard to put down. After an hour you will whizzing along and after a further hours tuition you should be ready to join in the practice sessions. There is a wakeboard club you can join and this significantly reduces the cost of practice sessions. Hopefully the video below will inspire you. Learn to wakeboard…

Sailing is a great hobby. It offers a way to develop a relationship with the ocean and enjoy Brighton and Hove from a very different perspective. Royal Yachting Association Learn to Sail lessons are available out on the sea from Lagoon Watersports centre in Brighton Marina. Sailing lessons can be arranged as part of a group or on a 1:1 basis. Once the nautical bug has caught you there is a sailing club you can join to practice and race or you can hire a boat for a relaxing afternoon sail on the water.

The watersports centre at Hove Lagoon started as a windsurfing school and this is still one of the most popular activities the school offers. You can learn to windsurf in the ideal conditions of Hove Lagoon on a Royal Yachting Association windsurfing course or taster session. This will get you started and with some practice and attending a few of the clubs popular instructor lead practice sessions you will be ready to start thinking about getting out on the sea. The watersports centre at Hove Lagoon is home to a  thriving windsurf club that has been running since 1994. You will find lots of friendly, helpful and knowledgable faces that can help you enjoy your new hobby.

See you on the water…

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