Ideas to escape your phone in Brighton

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Ideas to escape your phone in Brighton

We all need some peace and time away from the interconnected modern world. Our phones and messaging apps seem to follow our every move beeping and flashing for our attention. They can be hard to escape from.

One almost fool proof way is to get out on the water. Leave your phone in the changing room lockers and get yourself out onto the water. Brighton is a fantastic city to get yourself away from the land and in touch with the water. Hove Lagoon is home to one of the countries premier watersports centres offering kids and adults windsurfing, wakeboarding, standup paddleboarding, sailing and kayaking. From Brighton Marina at the eastern end of the city at you can enjoy sailing on sailing boats or yachts as well as high speed powerboat rides along the coast.

Whilst you can put your phone in a waterproof case if you really cannot be parted it is definitely best left ashore. Catch up on those emails on your return. Take a break and enjoy some freedom to relax and recharge, there is nothing quite like being out on the water for refreshing the mind and body. Whatever the weather or activity you are highly likely to come back on shore feeling refreshed and recharged.

No previous experience is required to try any of these activities. The watersports centres at Hove Lagoon and Brighton Marina offer full tuition for complete beginners. The sailing school will provide you with all the equipment and have fully accredited instructors for each activity. If you love it, then you can come back and hire or become a member of the watersports clubs.

You just need to decide on which activity to try first. Thrill seekers, whether adults, kids or teenagers should have a look at wakeboarding. A family trip on a powerboat can be a thrilling way to escape the land.  If you are looking to get your teeth into learning something new then sailing or windsurfing could be the route. Standup paddleboarding is a great low impact fun pastime suitable to all ages, popular with men and women and easy to learn as well

See you on the water…

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