Ideas for activities for the over 50’s in Brighton

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Ideas for activities for the over 50’s in Brighton

Over fifty and looking for an interesting new activity. Have you thought about getting out on the water. There is a whole host of watersports that are suitable, such as sailing, yacht sailing, windsurfing, standup paddleboarding or cable wakeboarding.

Sailing lessonss can be taken from Brighton Marina. You can be out on the sea learning how to sail, enjoying the ocean with a view of Brighton from the sea before you know it. You can learn to sail in keel boats, essentially a large dinghy, or on yachts. It is best to learn with Royal Yachting Association instruction as this follows an internationally recognised path and ensures a positive experience and well qualified instructors. Lessons can be taken as part of small groups, or on a 1:1 private basis. Sailing is great fun, extremely varied and can lead to many happy years on the water and learning.

For the thrill seekers how about having a go at cable wakeboarding at the wakeboard park at Hove Lagoon. It is easy, honest, the school at Hove Lagoon guarantees to get you up and wakeboarding. To start with you will learn how to get up and glide across the water. This is usually accomplished within a one hour lesson. A second hours lesson should get you to the point where you can wakeboard up and down and go round corners and are therefore ready to join in regular practice sessions. The jumps and ramps might or might not appeal to you, but if they do then the wakeboarding instructors and the club can help you get ready for the next level. Be warned, wake boarding can be addictive.

What to put in their bag

You are never too old to catch your first wave. How about learning to standup paddleboard? Learning to SUP in Brighton at Hove Lagoon is the perfect way to get started. You can learn all the basics in the safe shallow and sheltered waters of Hove Lagoon before moving on to the sea. A two hour taster lesson is the best starting point. The SUP school will provide all the equipment to ensure you succeed and have fun.

The great thing about trying these activities with the team at Lagoon Watersports is that they have a thriving club scene where you can continue to practice with the support of the staff and other members. This is a great way to improve your skills, have fun on the water and socialise.

Why not pop down and watch some activities and have a chat with one of the staff in the office and they can advise on the options to get you on the water.

See you on the water…


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