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Members Discounts

What does your members discount get you? SUP and Lagoon Windsurf Members - you will get 45% discount off the following courses:- SUP taster SUP improver SUP surfing and touring Windsurf taster Windsurf improver Windsurf intermediate non-planing Wakeboard taster Wakeboard improver Wakeboard Slider and Obstacles Wakeboard Air Tricks   Wakeboard Members - you will get 65% discount off the following courses:- SUP taster SUP...

Go Windsurfing

Windsurfing, the sport that combines elements of both sailing and surfing to create a graceful yet unpredictable activity. A sport that relies so heavily on how Mother Nature is feeling; the wind, sun and sea are entirely out of your control, which creates half of the fun.

Buying a windsurf board? Understanding board volume

Choosing a new or used windsurf board is an exciting time. It can be easy to get carried away and let your heart rule your head. Before looking at buying a new or used windsurf board make sure you have decided what you are looking for.

How long does it take to learn to windsurf?

One of the great things about windsurfing is you never stop learning. The windsurf learning curve can be a lifetime adventure or a fun morning. The basics can be cracked in a few hours so you can be enjoying windsurfing very quickly, if you go about it the right way.

Ladies Watersports Day at Hove Lagoon Sept 2013

On 28th September over 30 women journeyed to Lagoon Watersports in Hove for a day of fun on and off the water. Experienced water women were joined by complete newbies for a day full of various water based activities including SUP, windsurfing, SUP yoga and wakeboarding. With the sun...