The web learn to Wakeboard at Lagoon Wake Park, Brighton

Yesterday we headed to Brighton to treat our web team to a wakeboard taster session at Lagoon Watersports, Brighton. When we arrived the team was ready and waiting, eager to get started, but maybe a little anxious.

The only member of the team that had previously tried wakeboarding was Daniel, but apparently that was a while back so everyone started with the basics, getting up.

First the Lagoon team gave them a quick run through on dry land, this introduced them to how they were supposed to get out of the water and what not to do. Once they’d seen this we headed to the dock to get wet!

Lagoon Watersports is the home to two Sesitec 2.0 cable systems. These revolutionary two pylon systems are perfect for teaching, while also allowing advanced riders to work on more complex aerial tricks. The centre also offers a number of obstacles, perfect for improving both slider and kicker techniques – something we are hoping the web boys may move onto.

First into the water was Daniel and to our amazement he was straight up out of the water and riding within seconds. He was even carving around from side to side and after one or two attempts had the cornering nailed as well.

Greg stepped up next, never wakeboarded before but he had snowboarded in the past – which is a fairly good crossover. He too managed to get up fairly quickly and ride the length of the cable. The challenge for him was perfecting the turning at each end and timing it correctly with the cable operator. By the end of a few laps he had managed this and was clearly hooked!

The third rider to step up was SEO guru Adam. The boys had set the bar high and therefore the pressure was on Adam. After a few pulls he too managed to get up and ventured away from us on the cable. After a few shaky starts he mastered it and was riding back and forth well, at one point I even thought he was going to attempt/crash a slider. He attempted the corners but usually ending up with a face full of water! He was so close, we’re sure he’ll nail them next time.

Last to step up was Tristan. Tristan had little involvement with boardsports and therefore was a tad anxious about his first attempt at wakeboarding. Suited and booted he strapped the board on and enter the water… which they all informed me was very fresh upon entry. Tristan then had his first pull and managed to get to his feet, before slowly moving too far forward and crashing… a very common mistake by many beginners. He was straight back at it after this and again managed to get up a few more times and ride down the cable. One instruction we forgot to inform Tristan was that it was best to keep his mouth shut when falling in, something he quickly grasped after a few dunks!

The hour quickly drifted away but it was clear the boys would of easily eaten up the rest of the afternoon wakeboarding if they had the chance… probably best we ran out of time, as I’m sure they’re all aching a little today! Daniel even inquired about when he could do his next session, let see which of the boys he can drag back down there!

A big thank you and shout out to the team at Lagoon Watersports for their top-notch coaching and help in getting all of the team up and riding… we’ll definitely be back!


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