Options to practice wakeboarding

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Ways to practice your wakeboarding

 There are a whole host of options for maximising your time on the water. Each one of these options has been introduced to cater for people in different situations.
The simplest option for continuation is booking on to a Wakeboard Ride Session. This is an hour long session with four riders and it is a great opportunity for self development and to give you time to work on your own riding style. All kit is provided including impact vests, bindings, helmet, wetsuit and of course the wakeboard.
Ride Sessions can be bulk bought in blocks of 5 or 10. So if you know you want to get out on the water but maybe are not going to have loads of free time invest in a Ride Card. It brings the price of the individual session down and ensures you can keep getting out on the water.

Wakeboard membership and practice

If you have completed your lessons and are hooked then a Lagoon Watersports membership may be a good option to consider. These work much like a gym membership. You pay a monthly standing order and that is it. You can book yourself on to rides via the Lagoon Watersports website. All kit is provided, just bring a towel. There are a number of great membership options. Whether it is for yourself, a couples membership or you are looking for a way to keep the kids entertained.
There are also great perks to be had with the membership, like regular pro coaching clinics with wakeboarder Matt Crowhurst, club competitions and demo days where you can test yourself against other local riders or try out some different kit so you can make an informed decision if you decide to buy your own wakeboard and bindings. Access to the lagoon stand up paddleboard and kayak fleet is also part of the membership so if you wanted to just chill for the afternoon you can grab a SUP and go for a paddle along the Brighton beach.
However busy your schedule is there is always time to get out on the water with us at Lagoon Watersports.


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