Lagoon Watersports Rail Jam July 25th

Lagoon Watersports Rail Jam July 25th

Round 4 of the Lagoon rail jam was eventful to say the least. Practise started and soon came to a halt after the Step up rail decided to go for a walk across the park, back in place we continued the warm up runs with everyone riding well on the new setup. However James Chisholm took a nasty fall and caught himself in the handle leaving him with some nasty bruising and an afternoon sucking on gas and air, fortunately no serious harm was done.

The weather gods were not in our favour as the wind soon picked up and the clouds rolled in, the competition kicked off with 4 in the junior open and some great riding from all of them. Joe Cave took second place ahead of Fred and Hugh Roberts in his first rail jam with a solid run, however he claims it wasn’t his best ! Joe Taylor took 1st place after a cracking run showing off some nice spins off the wedge and some smooth moves on the rails, big things to come from this one.Onto the ladies open, always an exciting heat with some regular competitive riders. Yvette Wagner managed to calm the nerves for her run on her new board with some nice hits on the flat box including an ollie onto the bank and a FS 180 off, a nice indy grab off the wedge and some clean hits on the step-up. Sian Carr didn’t look to happy in her practise runs but kept it together for her comp run with some good variety in rail hits and some nice nose and tail presses. Anne-lise won the open, spinning on and off all the features, a big 360 of the wedge and some clean stailfish grabs to round things off. You can find Anne-lise coaching at Ladies wake night on Tuesdays from 6-8 so be sure to go pick up some tips.

New riders in the mens rookie this month with Nic White entering his first competition, Nic’s been working hard in ride sessions learning new tricks and really improving quickly, Some nice handle passes and a switch nose press bagged him 1st place! Big well done to Nic. Another big well done to Tom landers who has also been improving super quick, hitting every rail consistently and throwing in some tasty spins on and off the rails, Tom took 2nd place this month, and finally Rich Carr in third place who seems to have lost his magic touch recently, maybe he felt it was time to let someone take his crown or perhaps all that late night whiskey drinking has finally caught him up! Well done to all of you!

The top 3 in the mens open were Adam Hoskins, Rob Wagner and Sam York who all had absolutely cracking runs, lots of variety and creativity all round. Rob started his run off wrapped as he hit the flatbox and landed a 540 aswell as a couple of nice hits on the bank. Adam riding with some serious style and some excellent hits on all the rails took the the win. Adams a keen snowboarder and has only been at the Lagoon 1 season but has already progressed so much, high hopes for grassroots at the end of the year. Sam York took 3rd place with another confident run very closely followed by Pete Stubberfield who’s still yet to get a podium finish! Come on Pete!

Great riding from everyone as always, a big thanks to everyone who came down.

Also thanks to Stuart Liddiard (MC Stunami) for the wonderful commentary

See you all next time on August 29th! Reserve your spot…

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