Summer Wake Jam 2014

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Sunday 31st August was the day of our Summer Wake Jam, the weather couldn’t of been better, light winds and some added sunshine ensured a great turn out for the comp.

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We had managed to get the awesome Steph Caller down to offer some coaching, Nick Coates from Bro Clothing to MC the event and bring down his impressive line up of clothes and also The Mute Collective who also had loads of awesome gear to show off.

The event started in the afternoon with 2 hours of practice time and coaching from Steph and Jack. Lots of riders were pulling it out the bag and landing some new tricks they had never tried before.

After the practice session, Nick announced the start of the comp and all the riders gathered for the briefing.

We had 5 categories; junior rookies, junior open, ladies open, mens rookies and finally mens open. The comp was judged on 3 laps round the course, obstacles included the Rooftop, The Wedge and the Disco Pad.
Steph and Jack were waterside with score sheets and Nick judging the comp keeping everyone entertained.

First up was the junior rookies, which ended up as an extremely close heat – both boys pulled off clean 540’s and a variety of tricks and Sian the only girl in the heat doing really well. After much deliberation Joe piped James for first place.

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Next up was the mens rookies with lots of style been shown and lots of hits on the obstacles.  1st and 2nd place was being fought by Dan and Kyle who were both making good use of the obstacles, with Dan managing to take the lead. Special mention to Mark Shelvey who hit the rooftop for the first time in the practice session and nailed it in the comp as well!

Onto junior open with a great bunch of lads all encouraging each other on their runs and showing each other loads of support. All the guys performed really well.
Luke pulling big raleys, and all the guys looking extremely solid of all the obstacles it was another hard round to judge, but Edi took 1st with his variety of spins and making good use of all the obstacles.

2 ladies were competing for the top spot in the ladies open. Lara pulled off a great corner raley and looked very solid on the obstacles taken 1st, with Polly giving her a good fight and landing 2nd place.

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Mens open was pretty exciting with lots of big airs and smooth hits on the obstacles. Our local guys were on form busting out some great moves but in the end it was Zac from Docklands that had a fantastic run and took the well-deserved 1st place.

Junior rookies
1st Joe Taylor
2nd James Riley
3rd Sian Carr

Mens rookies
1st Dan Yates
2nd Kyle Greenwood
3rd Kailan D’Arcy

Junior open
1st Edi Fiettkau
2nd Sam York
3rd Luke Mepham

Womens open
1st Lara Gil
2nd: Polly Milsom

Mens open
1st Zac Charalambous
2nd Rob Wagner
3rd Kyri Jones

Massive thanks to The Mute Collective, Nick Coats (Bro Clothing) and Steph Caller for supplying lots of awesome prizes and for all their help on the day.

And not forgetting everyone that turned up and took part and made the day great!

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