Brighton SUPathlon 2013

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Saturday 5th October saw the Lagoon’s first ever SUPathlon, comprising of a 2.5km Run, 5km SUP and a 1.5km to finish – the event attracted a range of competitors looking for a different type of challenge.


There were 3 categories – 14’, 12.6’ and round nose boards, so everyone could get involved. On the day the weather was pretty much perfect with a light westerly wind and a cool temperature.

The first run was along the scenic Hove Promenade, competition was high and the run was fast paced! First back and over to the beach was triathlete Andy Lane who finished the 2.5km run in a super fast time, followed closely behind by race favorite Robin Williams.

From the run it was straight over to the beach and onto the sea to paddle the 5km, conditions were slightly bumpy which lead to a few competitors having a couple of dips in the water from their narrow race boards!

The pressure was on with everyone wanting the top spot. Robin starting off with an fantastic lead and making fast tracks on his SUP, Andy Lane was losing ground after falling in a couple of times, having been the first time he raced the narrow 14’! Mark Saul who didn’t have a great run was soon out there and gaining, trying to beat former boss and Lagoon owner Harvey Dawkins.

On the way to the first turning point the lead kept changing between Robin, Mark and Harvey, making a nail bitting race.

Robin was back on dry land first and sprinted round the lagoon to finish in first place – followed behind by Mark and then Harvey hot on his tail. Mark kept a good pace on the final run – Harvey giving it all to catch him, but it wasn’t enough with mark piping him at the post.

The girls race was equally exciting and a mix of abilities, some of the girls jumping on a race board for the first time. In the end Gemma Goober took the lead, with Hollie Wilson giving her a run for her money!

It was a great turn out and a really nice competitive yet friendly atmosphere. The SUPathlon was really exciting to watch and a challenge for all the competitors!
A massive thanks to all that turned up and looking forward to the next one in the new year!

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The top three men:
1st – Robin Williams –
2nd – Mark Saul –
3rd – Harvey Dawkins

The top three ladies:
1st – Gemma Godber
2nd – Hollie Wilson
3rd – Sara Aghdami

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