Lagoon Watersports Rail Jam no.2

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First off, a massive thank you to everyone who entered or came to watch the competition on Saturday you all made it a great day !
Again we were super lucky with the weather holding off after wrestling with the sliders the night before to get them in a rideable position. Registration & practise started at 1pm and we had a record number of riders entering which is an excellent improvement from our first rail jam last month.
Onto the jam!
Good to see some junior rookies entering as they kicked things off. With Fred & Hugh Roberts showing some sibling rivalry and Tai and Ollie battling for the best trick,s they all did really well showing how much they’ve learnt over the last month on ride sessions. Tai took the top spot with a nice clean run followed by Fred Roberts and then Oliver Gould.
Next up was the Ladies open, a tough one to judge as all the ladies ride at a really similar level making it a great heat. Big shout to Ria Stach for landing her first BS 180 of the step up, the pressure and nerves obviously fuelled her to try something new. Carley Gregory took the top sport scoring big by hitting rails on her toes and switch heel and popping on to gain more points. A nice variation of rail hits and a tidy indy grab bagged the win. However only 1 point separated Yvette Early in 2nd and a further 2 points with Sian Carr in 3rd who both had equally great runs.
We then moved swiftly on to the men’s rookie division with a surprise entrance from James Munn who had previously learnt to wakeboard that morning after recovering from a knee injury. James went all out on the Disco pad and nailed some big corners, good effort James showing anyone can enter the rail jam. On top form as always was Rich Carr with a another solid run and some nice variation on each rail and rail approach. Can someone enter to steal his crown ?!

And finally the Mens Open, filled with competitive and keen riders ready to throw down what they’ve been trying in their weekly sessions. An impressive 11 riders lined up on the dock psyching each other out as Pete Stubberfield dropped in to start us off. There’s lots i could talk about in this heat, but to mention a few highlights James Chisholm landed a sweet FS 540 with a mute grab off the wedge, Luke Mepham stomped a big FS 360 over the world’s smallest rail the disco pad, Dickie throwing himself at every rail as always but sadly not landing some of his bigger tricks. Nick bowden took the win with a smooth BS lipslide over the rooftop with a nice indy grab thrown in, as well as some other solid and consistent tricks on the incline wedge and the step up. All the other riders had great runs too and should be super pleased as like the Ladies Open the scores were very close!
Remember, everyone who enters receive points for where they place which is added up over the season, so you can still earn more in the Comps to come in the next few months


Again thanks to everyone for coming, a big thanks to Surface 2 Air Sports and ION for the prizes, to Stuart Liddiard our top Mc on the day and Ed hart for guest judging.

Score sheet – click to enlarge

wakeboard competition score sheet

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