Don’t sit around waiting for the conditions to be right for you!

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Don’t sit around waiting for the conditions to be right for you!

Taking up wakeboarding, windsurfing, SUPing or sailing can be a life changing experience. Why limit your self to just one activity.

Each sport has its own set of perfect weather conditions. Standup paddle boarding and wake boarding tend to prefer calm weather, where windsurfer enjoy the breezy day. The weather in the the UK is very changeable. Some summers, weekends or months can be calm and less great for windsurfing or vice versa.

The one great reason to take up a range of watersports is that when you wake up and decide to head out on the water you can choose the activity that best suits the conditions. It can sometimes be frustrating when you are focusing on improving your windsurfing and the wind is not playing ball. Sometimes it is great to keep focusing on one sport other times it is great to be able to switch things around and say take a paddle board out for a paddle on the sea.

What to put in their bag

The skills you learn from each activity will contribute to your main sport. If you are a windsurfer and you start SUPing you will find it will improve your balance and fitness. In fact the more time you spend on the water doing any watersport will improve your skills. Time on the water helps you learn more about  tides, currents, the effect of wind on the water and so on, you simply cannot beat time it.

Wakeboarders can really benefit from trying a new activity too. The cables can be fully booked at peak times and you may still want to get out and enjoy yourself. Why not try SUPing. You never know, half way through your paddle you may find someone has not turned up for a ride session and you can get a wakeboard in too.

For members of the club we try and make it really affordable to try a range of the activities we offer at Hove Lagoon. A Beach Club Pro member saves 75% on courses at Hove Lagoon, a wake member 65% and SUP member 45%.

Taster sessions are fun, all equipment is provided as is full tuition and they range from an hour to 3 hours. So don’t sit around waiting for the conditions to be right for you, get out there and embrace them.

Try windsurfing

Try wakeboarding

Try SUPing

See you on the water


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