Sportivate Learn to Wakeboard for women and teenagers

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Lagoon Wake Park has teamed up with the BWSW and  Sportivate to be able to offer Teenagers and Young women the chance to take an 8 week wake boarding course for just £40

The Sportivate Learn to Wakeboard for teenagers and women is the perfect way for young people to learn to wakeboard. Using our System 2.0 cable wakeboarding system and professional instruction we can guarantee you success. All specialised equipment is provided, including wetsuits.

The sessions will be 8 x 1.5 hours, with groups of 4 or 5 working with a coach at a time, looking at different elements of the sport. The last 2 sessions will be labelled as youth and  Women’s club sessions and some of the current ‘youth and women riders’ members will be invited along to show their skills and inspire participants to continue to participate after the 8 weeks.

It is hoped that this will bridge the gap between trying the sport and moving into the club setting. The sessions will be in depth training course including the BWSW Cutting Edge Bronze Award and working towards the BWSW Cutting edge Silver Award. The training will take participants from no previous experience to a level where participants can wakeboard confidently, have an understanding of the sport, its background and be able to confidently attend club and practice sessions.

This course is part funded by Sportivate and Lagoon watersports. The usual price of this course would be £300 each. We are able to offer the course to suitable applicants for just £40.

we have two project running :

1) Sportivate Learn to Wakeboard for women

Applicants must be female, age 17 – 25 and non sporty (defined as taking part in sporting activities twice or less a week)

2) Sportivate Learn to Wakeboard for teenagers

Applicants must be male or female, age 14 – 16 and non sporty (defined as taking part in sporting activities twice or less a week)

What is Sportivate?

Sportivate is a four year, nationwide campaign that captures the excitement of the London 2012 Games, providing opportunities for teenagers and young adults to receive 6-8 weeks of coaching in a sport of their choice and guiding them into regular participation within their community.

Sportivate targets 14-25 year olds who may not seek out sporting opportunities themselves or those who are doing sport for a very limited amount of time. These participants might be described as the ’semi-sporty’. The target group was selected for this campaign because research shows that the period in which people leave full time education and start to lead more independent lives is when many stop, and do not resume, regular sports participation. Sportivate will play a role in long term behavioural change by providing new and exciting opportunities.

Sportivate in Sussex
Within Sussex our mission is to use the Sportivate campaign to ensure that more teenagers and young adults have the opportunity to find a sports activity that is attractive, affordable and accessible to them, with the ultimate aim of supporting them into life-long participation. In Sussex, our Sportivate aim is to retain 7,909 participants over the four years, engaging them in the 6-8 week Sportivate coaching sessions and motivating them to carry on playing sport regularly afterwards. Active Sussex successfully applied for nearly £850,000 of Lottery Funding to help us achieve this target.


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