What next after RYA Sailing Courses

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What do I do after the RYA 1 and 2 sailing courses

Once you have enjoyed a taste of sailing on the RYA Level 1 course you will want to move on to the next step and gain some extra skills on the RYA Level 2 course. This course will improve your skills and give you the experience where you will be ready to hire a boat, whether it be with us or any other RYA centre.

You don’t have to stop sailing once you have achieved your RYA Level 2. We have more options for you, so you can take your sailing to the next level!  You may wish to go on to the Improvers Sailing Course which will teach you more advanced skills such as using the trapeze or spinnaker, or you can join our Coastal Sailing Club which will give you regular access to our boats. The Coastal Sailing Club will also give you the option to attend clinics and take part in races and events and spend time with like-minded people.

Onward training

If course times are not convenient for you there is always the option to book a private session with one of the very experienced staff at Lagoon Watersports. It could also be that you are interested in a different challenge on the sea and want to start yacht sailing, especially if you already have experience on the keel boats.

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