Super SUP Sunday in Brighton

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Lagoon Watersports held their first Stand Up Paddle board event on Sunday 12th. Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) is an up and coming sport; which is exciting to watch and accessible to all, it uses long surfboard style boards and long single bladed paddles [...]

SUP surfing in Brighton

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Down along the coast near Brighton we are not blessed with the kind of waves you find in the west country, but we do get some waves every now and then. Surfing is great but SUP Surfing enables you to ride smaller and less [...]

What so great about SUP fitness at Hove Lagoon

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We asked some of our customers what she thought… “I joined Hove Lagoon as soon as they opened this year in a bid to become more active, fitter and improve my windsurfing. One of the things that cemented my decision to join up was [...]

Standup Paddleboarding on the sea

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Thursday evening SUP clinic saw loads of members head out on the sea for a sunset SUP session with Lucy and Junior. There were perfect conditions as there was not a single breathe of wind and the sea was super flat. We had a [...]


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Every month down at the Lagoon we are holding a fun SUP sprint race as part of the coke bottle series set up by Stand up Paddle Surf UK. The first race was held back in April and was a fun yet competitive race, [...]

Lagoon beach Club launched

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Lagoon Watersports popular membership scheme has had an exciting refresh. Now called Lagoon Beach Club. Lagoon Watersports beach and coastal Club's provides everything you need to have a great time on and by the water. Members can ride the wakeboard cable, hire windsurfers, sail [...]