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Standup Paddleboarding (SUP)

@ Hove Lagoon, Brighton


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Success and fun guaranteed! The flat, shallow water of Hove Lagoon is ideal for beginners to learn to SUP. Our taster session is a quick way to try the sport out and see if it is for you.


Success is guaranteed with the flat shallow waters of Hove Lagoon, combined with friendly BSUPA tuition, top equipment, a great Clubhouse with changing rooms, hot showers, lockers, a licensed cafe and over 20 years of experience. 

As you become more confident a whole world of paddling opens up including coastal, lake and river touring, racing and even SUP surfing.

Course Content Includes:

  • Kneeling and standing up on the paddleboard
  • Self rescue and safety techniques
  • Basic turns
  • Paddle techniques
  • Flat water paddling techniques
  • How to carry the equipment
  • Be aware of different conditions and the environment

Course Objective: You will be able to paddle the SUP with a degree of confidence in all directions on calm water. On completion of the course you will receive a BSUPA ready to ride certificate.


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The Improvers Stand Up Paddleboard Course is a great way to improve your SUP skills and find out more about this incredible sport.


This course will help you take your next paddleboarding steps by introducing you to essential paddle techniques and SUP knowledge, progressing your skills and expanding your paddling horizons.

Hove Lagoon, Brighton, offers a wide variety of Stand up Paddleboarding (SUPing) from the flat, shallow water of the lagoon to the challenges of the sea which is in easy reach and perfect for coastal cruising or SUP surfing. 

Course Content Includes:

  • Essential paddle techniques
  • Introduction to other SUP disciplines such as racing, surfing and touring
  • Understanding suitable conditions and gaining a knowledge of currents, tides and weather
  • Choosing the right kit

Course Objective: You will have an insight in to how you can improve your paddle techniques, be able to assess suitable conditions to go paddling in and gain a basic understanding of SUP boards and paddles.

SUP Surfing & Touring


The SUP Surfing and SUP Touring Course will enable you to gain a knowledge of SUPing techniques for paddling on the sea including skills to catch waves and plan paddle trips.


SUPing techniques for paddling on the sea including skills to :

  • Paddle out through surf
  • Catch waves
  • Basic wave riding
  • Paddle faster
  • Paddle straighter
  • Embark on a short SUP trip

This is a fun, highly informative course that will really take your SUPing to the next level. 

Course Content Includes:

  • Effects of wind and tide
  • Chop, swell and shore breaks
  • Assessing coastal SUPing conditions
  • Self rescue techniques and safety at sea
  • Improved stance
  • Analysis of your paddling technique
  • Improving your paddling technique
  • Different types of stroke
  • Choosing the right kit
  • SUP surfing skills (paddling out and surfing back in)
  • Planning a short paddle trip

Course Objective: SUP safely and effectively on the sea with the ability to assess suitable conditions and risks.


Hire & Club

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Practice and enjoy SUPing with Lagoon Watersports. We run a thriving SUP Club with clinics, social paddles, SUP yoga, fitness and race training which you can join or just hire a board and paddle.


Beach Club Membership includes SUP and kayak hire on the sea and lagoon, SUP clinics, windsurfing on the Lagoon and more . Once you are a Beach Club Member these activities are included:-

  • Weekly training clinics for all levels and abilities
  • 45% discount on selected wakeboarding, SUP and windsurfing courses.
  • Discounted Pro training clinics and inhouse competitions

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Social Paddles

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Join us for a social paddle. We are passionate about Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUPing), getting people out on the water and enjoying  SUPing.


These social sessions are instructor lead and include an element of training and social paddling. Sessions are aimed at paddlers who have completed the Learn to Stand Up Paddleboard Course or have some basic SUP experience. We will aim to go on the sea and sessions are suitable to all levels of paddler. Bring your own board or hire from us. Post session social in the bar afterwards.

Race training

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Do you want to SUP faster? Improve technique? Get fitter and stronger? Then come to our weekly race training session, held every Thursday evening.


Using the latest techniques and equipment our qualified and experienced instructors will get your skills up to speed in no time!

Sessions will differ each week depending on weather conditions. They will include:

  • Using heart rate monitors
  • Interval training
  • Time challenges
  • Paddle techniques
  • Power paddles
  • Turning

If you have a particular race in mind or a certain distance to reach, we can work with you to devise a race training plan to help you obtain your goals.

SUP Yoga

standup paddleboard yoga

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga is a great new way of working out and is already a craze in the states. Essentially SUP Yoga comprises of yoga postures on a paddleboard.


Essentially SUP Yoga comprises of yoga postures with Stand Up Paddleboarding, the board playing the part of the yoga mat.

SUP YOGA provides great benefits to the mind and body. This is easy to see when each of the aspects alone gives amazing benefits to health and together they provide the perfect combination. The board is used as an alternative yoga mat; the intensity of each pose is increased by providing clients with a greater challenge and added benefits. Your balance will improve as will your yoga performance – as the board is constantly moving, you body is working hard to stay stable, if done regularly it will lead to improved proprioception. It’s also a great way to tell if you are performing your yoga poses correctly – if you put to much weight through one side of your body, the board will react.

You don’t need to be a Yoga pro to get involved, starting with the basic poses on land, they can soon be transferred onto a Stand Up Paddleboard.

Gift Voucher

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Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Gift Voucher or Experience day in Brighton, Sussex. Learn to Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) on the ideal shallow water of Hove Lagoon


Learn to Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) on the ideal shallow, sheltered location of Hove Lagoon with the option to SUP on the sea if conditions are suitable.

Using a large style surfboard, which you stand on, and a paddle to propel yourself along, this is an extremely versatile sport that enables you to enjoy being on the water whatever you age or ability.

If you have never been on a board, no worries! Our Start Stand Up Paddleboarding course will give you the skills to get up and going in no time. The session will introduce you to the exciting world of SUPing, you will be given an introduction to the equipment which will be used and shown how to: kneel and stand up on the board, basic turns, self rescue, safety techniques and paddle techniques. The course is 2 hours, and once completed you will receive a BSUPA “Ready to Ride” card, which allows you to hire at accredited centres.

Come and join the SUP community.

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