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At Lagoon Watersports we are passionate about Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), getting people out on the water and enjoying the benefits that SUPing brings.

We have the perfect location allowing you to get out on the water whatever the weather conditions. We have a shallow, sheltered lagoon, which is ideal for practising new skills and the sea for a more challenging experience.

Following the success of our SUP classes last year, we have created Brighton and Hove SUP Club. The club will hold two club meetings on Thursdays and Sundays, with the focus being getting out on the water improving skills and having fun.

Our Club sessions will include paddle trips to Brighton’s West and Palace pier, Shoreham harbour, Adur river and some local SUP Surf spots.

This year we have a range of shiny new SUP kit for you to try, including Surf SUPs, touring boards and all-purpose cruising boards – a board for every condition.

Our SUP Club cost £25 per session or £5 per session if you have your own board. These sessions are FREE if you are a SUP member.

The best way to get out on the water regularly is to join Lagoon Watersports as a SUP Member:

Our SUP membership includes:

Unlimited SUP hire on the Sea and Lagoon.

Twice-weekly Brighton and Hove SUP Club sessions.

Free entry to our SUP events and competitions.

Unlimited SUP Fitness sessions.

Our SUP membership costs:

Year: £300 or £25 PCM – Minimum membership 12 months.

Month: £37.50

Couples: £400 per year

Kids: Add kids for £30 each

A great way to keep active whilst enjoying our amazing coastline!

For all the latest SUP news and weather conditions from Brighton and Hove, check out and like our facebook page –

To learn to Stand Up Paddle board, click HERE.

To find out more about SUP fitness, click HERE.


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