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One mans SUP journey

One mans SUP journey Over the years, what started as a minority activity, SUP has now become a the worlds fastest growing watersport that gains more and more interest the larger it gets. One individual who has truly embraced all that Stand Up Paddleboarding can offer is Ollie Shilston. Ollie [...]

What’s new in 2015?

Over the winter we’ve been working hard behind the scenes ready for the 2015 season to ensure everyone’s experience at Hove Lagoon is better than ever before! So here’s a rundown of some of the new things going on...   New Kit – we all love new kit so here’s what’s new [...]

Christmas Gift Voucher Offers!

 If you are looking for a different kind of Christmas gift for your friends and family this year then Lagoon Watersports has the answer. This year we have a special Christmas offer on watersports gift vouchers, with an option for all budgets! Vouchers are available for specific courses or an amount [...]

Super SUP Sunday in Brighton

Lagoon Watersports held their first Stand Up Paddle board event on Sunday 12th. Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) is an up and coming sport; which is exciting to watch and accessible to all, it uses long surfboard style boards and long single bladed paddles and instead of lying down you [...]

What so great about SUP fitness at Hove Lagoon

We asked some of our customers what she thought… “I joined Hove Lagoon as soon as they opened this year in a bid to become more active, fitter and improve my windsurfing. One of the things that cemented my decision to join up was the new addition of Lagoon Fitness. I [...]

INDO BOARDS – Improve you performance on the water at Lagoon Fitness

INDO Boards are a balance trainer and are a highly effective way of working the core, increasing leg strength, improving balance, co-ordination and stability – ideal for helping to improve you performance on the water. The benefits of these boards are huge and are awesome fun to boot. INDO Boards [...]

Standup Paddleboarding on the sea

Thursday evening SUP clinic saw loads of members head out on the sea for a sunset SUP session with Lucy and Junior. There were perfect conditions as there was not a single breathe of wind and the sea was super flat. We had a great turn out with all the [...]


Every month down at the Lagoon we are holding a fun SUP sprint race as part of the coke bottle series set up by Stand up Paddle Surf UK. The first race was held back in April and was a fun yet competitive race, with fanatic team rider Charlie [...]

What’s SUP?

SUP or Stand Up Paddleboarding uses long surf style boards with a single bladed paddle to propel you across the water whilst standing up. The sport is simple in essence, but I think that's it's major draw. It has a unique feeling being stood above the water and a [...]

Paddle Fit at Lagoon Fitness

The benefits of Stand-up paddle boarding (SUPing) are huge – already the fastest growing watersport around, its versatility means that there is something for everyone – whether it’s a gentle tranquil paddle along the river or ripping it up on the sea, its appeal is massive to all ages [...]